Urban Laxmi Deposit Accounts (Deposit Box at your Residence.)

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 1.Savings habit.
 2.Doorstep service.
 4.Loan against deposit.
 5.Conversion to Fixed Deposit.
 6.Revival of the account.
 7.Insurance coverage on deposit balance..

 Rate of Interest:


Rate of Interest

1 year to less than 3 years


 3 years to less than 5 years


5 years & above


        This is a scheme of savings monthly collection of deposit into the account for various fixed periods as per the choice of depositor(s). The depositor drops any amount daily into the prescribed box of the Bank but the amount dropped must not be less than Rs.300/- per month @ Rs.10/-per day. The bank at their doorstep will collect the proceeds of the box once in a month.

        The ULD A/c can ordinarily open either I the name of the individual or jointly in the name of two or more individuals. This scheme is very much helpful to ladies & children .In case of minor A/c holder the guardian will be the operator of the account and birth certificate from competent authority is to be submitted for reference of record.

        An application along with opening form prescribed by the Bank is to be signed by the depositor. After verification of the application and account opening form of the Bank, the depositor has to deposit a minimum amount of Rs.100/- for opening the account. After opening the account, a locked box will be supplied to the depositor along with the passbook by B.M/OIC. 

        The authorized person of the Bank will collect the proceeds of the box. The depositor should collect receipt from the Authorized person then & there. He should up-to-date the passbook. Acknowledgement of the depositor on the receipt is required as the evidence to the Bank.

        An identity card duly authenticated by the Bank containing a passport size photograph will be issued to every authorized person as token of his credentials.